Social and environmental projects

At Co-Ética we are committed to caring for the planet and we are involved in different social and environmental projects. To fight for this, on this page you will find a variety of organizations that dedicate their time, effort and resources to transformative causes.

Our goal is to facilitate the connection between these Non-Profit Organizations and people like you to make a positive difference in the world.

Non-Profit Organizations

This is where non-profit organizations (associations and foundations) and companies meet and partner to solve the complex social and environmental problems we face. Find a responsible supplier that meets your ethical expectations so you can start working together.

In the Co-Ética search engine you can access non-profit organizations with various social purposes: Culture and recreation; Education and research; Health; Social services; Environment; Development and Housing; Law, advocacy, and polities; International; Religion; Business, professional associations, unions:

Communicate your social and environmental projects

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Be part of our directory of sustainable entities and communicate all your activities. In this way, you will be able to create mutually beneficial synergies with other companies and experience a real change in your business model:

If you are part of a non-profit organization, our platform will help you develop an effective communication strategy and strengthen cross-sector partnerships.

We act as a link so that responsible companies have all the information they need to access the social and environmental projects that are currently being developed.

If you are looking for information or activities that respect the environment around us, you are in the right place.

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Committed organizations

The following organizations already communicate their social and environmental projects to all visitors of our search engine and are succeeding in establishing professional partnerships that benefit both parties involved.

Our blog on social and environmental responsibility

Do you want to read and learn more about innovative social and environmental projects? On our blog we have several related articles that may be of interest and help you.

What is a social-environmental project?

Social and environmental projects are initiatives that seek to comprehensively address both aspects of a certain problem or challenge

Their main characteristic is that they recognise the interdependence between human beings and the environment, and seek to balance social and economic development with the conservation and preservation of natural resources, promoting long-term sustainability.

What is the social and environmental impact of a project?

When we talk about social and environmental projects and refer to their impact, we mean the consequences and effects they have on society and the natural environment. This is an assessment of the changes and outcomes generated by the initiative in terms of benefits or detriments to people and our environment.

In short, it is how it affects the communities, groups or individuals involved. This can be measured in terms of improvements in quality of life, access to opportunities, education, health and other aspects related to social well-being.