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Sport has evolved from a purely physical and competitive activity to a powerful tool for driving change and sustainability in today’s society. Sustainable sport focuses on conducting sporting activities in a responsible manner, seeking a harmonious balance between sporting performance, environmental protection and social well-being.

Therefore, as well as providing health benefits and social cohesion, sport has the capacity to address major global challenges such as environmental sustainability and social equity. In short, innovative and responsible sport can make a difference in building a fairer and more sustainable future, helping to create a better world.

And a sustainable sport promotes environmental awareness, showing that it is possible to enjoy sport without harming the natural environment through the adoption of practices that minimize the environmental footprint. These practices include waste management, the efficient use of energy and water, as well as the promotion of sustainable transportation at sporting events.

Furthermore, sustainable sport has a positive impact on society. It encourages inclusion, encouraging people of different cultures and abilities to participate in sporting activities. Another fundamental aspect is the ability to promote physical activity and exercise, addressing public health problems associated with inactivity.

When sport and sustainability come together, the planet and its members have access to messages of responsibility and change, reaching audiences globally through renowned sporting events. Furthermore, sporting commitment in this aspect goes beyond athletes and their teams; it is also important for institutions, sponsors and organizers. Therefore, the relationship between sport and sustainable development is deep and significant.

We recognise the importance of promoting healthy, sustainable and socially cohesive sport. This is why we make our sustainable sport index accessible to all, for those who want to lead an active lifestyle without sacrificing inclusion, equality and responsibility.

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