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Currently, the commitment to sustainability, modifying the supply chain to integrate a sustainable purchasing strategy, is becoming a priority for many entities. Choosing ethical suppliers that offer products and/or services to business, in each of the sectors, is key to achieving sustainability.


Thus, through sustainable acquisition from entities that provide services to companies, organizations make purchasing decisions that minimize the impact on the environment and that benefit society as a whole, while giving value to the customer and improving services company results.


Ethical organizations need responsible and consistent suppliers with the environment and at a social level, who respect the living conditions of the people who work in the communities where these entities providing business services operate.


A benchmark is fair trade, collaborating with people from diverse communities, and in which working conditions are respected for the dignified development of workers, entrepreneurs, and their ecosystems.


In this context, people must always be at the heart, in such a way that corporate responsibility and ethical and fair behavior must be key for the professional development of people, both in the organizations of each sector and in their supplier entities.


Ethical, fair and equitable intermediation of products and/or services is necessary to satisfy the basic needs of all people. In this way, choosing ethical suppliers optimizes the socially responsible practices of the companies that collaborate with these suppliers.


Therefore, compliance with economic, social, and environmental sustainability is seen from the aspects linked to ethical behavior. Join our directory to find committed ethical entities!

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