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Currently, the importance of sustainability is growing for members of communities and society as a whole, both from a social, economic, and environmental point of view. The professional services sector with its heterogeneous nature by developing varied services such as, for example, consulting, legal… can, from carrying out and advising on activities linked to sustainability, integrate social and environmental aspects in companies in various sectors of activity.


Likewise, the demand for organizations to mainly adopt responsible practices that improve the quality of life of their workers is extrapolated to the professionals hired by said entities; Among the ethical actions to be developed are: investing in the development of workers’ skills, promoting the well-being of employees and the reconciliation between their personal and work lives, developing innovation and digital transformation, fighting against the disparity of opportunities, etc.


In addition, professionals can foster alliances between entities from various and different sectors of activity by taking advantage of their own experience and strategic capacity for the diversity of services offered to their clients.


In this context, professionals influence the companies to which they provide their services and, specifically, the decision-making of companies in other sectors, so collaboration with their clients allows the activity and processes of social responsibility carried out by these client firms is achieved more effectively.


In this directory you can find those specialized professionals who have the knowledge and experience so that, as a company or individual, you can obtain those sustainable social and environmental services that can help you satisfy your needs.


Change is possible if through collaboration and development of this sustainability network of networks, Co-Etica, people working in different sectors can better establish and develop their sustainable services. And signing up for change is significantly relevant for everyone and the planet!

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