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Sustainability and maintenance are directly related, since maintenance plays a key role in prolonging the useful life of equipment or reducing waste.

And while an economy of disposable products compromises natural resources, the circular economy model seeks to ensure that equipment that reaches the end of its useful life gives rise to a new product. Therefore, through the circular economy, the useful life of each piece and each material is extended, reusing the products, and taking into account the waste generated in the operations carried out.

Through maintenance, it is repaired, reused, expanded or maintained. Therefore, maintenance is sustainable by itself. Maintenance entities are dedicated to providing services such as maintenance, repair and renewal of equipment, infrastructure and buildings to other companies or individuals, making the cycle of the circular economy long and productive. Examples of the services offered by maintenance companies range from cleaning facilities, maintaining green areas, painting, or electrical installations.

In this context, choosing between repair or replacement is never an easy task. Now, if we renew the equipment, instead of replacing it, we can reduce the need for new parts and reduce waste. Both individuals and companies can give a significant boost to achieving sustainability if we choose effective maintenance of our assets, repairing or reusing them.

In our directory, you will find maintenance companies linked to your own ethical principles, all for the achievement of sustainability and respect for the planet. If you decide that the circular economy, through the maintenance of your products, should be the predominant model in order to achieve sustainability and consistent action with the environment, Co-Ética is your place!

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